The Inspiration Aficionado

Oracle cards, inspiring podcasts, self-development workshops and piles of books…the inspiration junkie LOVES being inspired. They wish they had these tools as a teen and are ready to inspire the next generation.  

You will feel at home sharing your treasured tools and lifetime of research with your community eager young people. Because this has been your life’s work, you may feel overwhelmed at first about what you’d like to focus on in your workshops. Start by looking through all of your inspo and pick out 3 things that you feel would have been the most powerful to have when you were a teen. Then create your workshop around this! You might like to teach young people the power of journaling, reading oracle cards or adopting a gratitude practice. Keep it simple to start with and have fun with it! If you’re a Mum, get your daughter’s friends together (or offer to run something at the local Girl’s Scouts hall) and see what they respond to. You might eventually like to run inspiring retreats or camps!

Share your archetype!

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