The Wellness Warrior

The Wellness Warrior is passionate about health and wellness. They may be a yoga teacher, personal trainer, health coach or counsellor. Encouraging others to live healthy lives is their jam.

You want to get outdoors and inspire young people to MOVE. You want them to get back in touch with their beautiful bodies and truly nourish themselves from the inside out. So you’re going to love putting together a really interactive, movement-based workshop or experience for young people. It might be outdoors, incorporating some discussion time sitting on the grass in a circle and some time teaching them how to do something you love – some simple strength exercises they can then do themselves at home, some fun acro yoga together or some breathing exercises on the beach (bliss).

Just by sharing your passion and enthusiasm for living life to the max and getting amongst nature you will ignite their wellness fire too.  Remember: you don’t have to be perfect!

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